Outside Magazine Picks the Best Park in Each State


Outside Magazine recently scoured the country for the best parks and compiled a list of each state’s best park. I bet you can guess the special place that was chosen for Georgia, that’s right Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Anyone that has taken a trip to Cumberland Island knows what I mean when I say that there is not any other place quite like it. With 17 miles of completely desolate, beautiful beach and over 50 miles of trails laid out all over the island, you could spend weeks exploring the island and still overlook something.

Though most visitors opt for the 45 minute ferry ride to the island, some choose to get to the island under their own power in a kayak. No matter how you get there, you will surely fall in love with this special place.

A great way to make the most of your trip is to see as much of the island as possible in one day on the Lands & Legacies Tour. This special van tour takes you along the rugged road leading to the northern end of the island for the chance to see the First African Baptist Church where JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette had their infamous wedding.

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